November 26, 2018

Coming Soon to a Homesite Near You

They’re built in a controlled environment that promotes a high-quality finished product. Compared to their competition, they take a fraction of the time to complete. They’re designed to be safe and sturdy. But perhaps best of all, they’re highly affordable – usually much less expensive than their more traditional counterparts. 

They’re factory-manufactured homes – structures built in one location, then trucked to a homesite. And nationwide, countless families live in them comfortably and happily.

Fleetwood Homes is one of many companies in this line of business. In September, two dozen representatives from VHDA, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development visited Fleetwood’s manufacturing facility in Rocky Mount, Virginia, to learn more about how such homes are produced, and what they have to offer.

“One of our roles at VHDA is to create public awareness about matters related to affordable housing,” said Chris Thompson, VHDA’s Director of Strategic Housing in the Community Outreach Division. “We wanted to see for ourselves what goes into making a factory-built home.”

What the group saw on their tour impressed them. “In terms of their durability, workmanship, energy efficiency and aesthetics, these homes were eye-opening,” said Thompson. “In almost every way, they seem to be upgraded from what they may have been in the past.”

At Fleetwood, craftsmen complete every phase of a home’s construction, including plumbing and electrical, within the confines of the factory, thus avoiding weather delays that often plague site-built homes. The company uses “green” building methods and energy-efficient materials to save their customers money and to protect the environment.

The public’s perception of factory-manufactured homes may not always reflect their reality. While they aren’t necessarily the best choice for everyone, some buyers find that their price, quality and convenience intersect at exactly the right place.

“Our tour reinforced what we already thought to be true – that factory-manufactured homes are a comfortable, affordable and viable option for some families, whether they’re renting or owning,” said Thompson. “It was a great visit, and well worth our time.”

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