July 25, 2018

Going the Extra Mile to Serve the Underserved

One day they might lead a continuing education session for real estate agents. The next, meet with one or more of VHDA’s 86 approved lending agents. The day after that, they could participate in a trade show for the public or a professional group. They’re VHDA’s business development officers (BDOs) – professionals with mortgage banking backgrounds who help our partner organizations and the public understand and take full advantage of our many services. 

To better reach those who live in underserved areas, VHDA has moved to a regional BDO deployment model. Our officers are now located in all four of the state’s primary population centers: Central Virginia, Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia, and Western Virginia. According to Business Development and Training Manager Dan Kern, in VHDA’s Homeownership division, this model is making a world of difference.

“In speaking to our stakeholders, they greatly appreciate the fact that our BDOs are now embedded in the community,” Kern said. “They’re more visible and accessible than in the past, and that means they’re better able to interact with the people we serve.”

Here is the contact information for our four business development officers. Please feel free to reach out to them directly if they can be of assistance.

Northern Virginia: Regina Pinkney | Regina.Pinkney@vhda.com  | 804-510-9122

Central Virginia: Joni Moncure | Joni.Moncure@vhda.com  | 804-840-7049

Hampton Roads: Gigi Houchins | Georgette.Houchins@vhda.com  | 804-389-5680

Western Virginia: Frank Webster | Frank.Webster@vhda.com  |  804-762-3078

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