May 11, 2018

Addressing Vacancy and Blight in Your Community | An Opportunity from the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust

What's the cost of vacant property? More than you may think.

Many Virginia communities face challenges from vacant, blighted, abandoned and often tax delinquent property. Not only do these properties reduce the value of nearby homes, they also reduce tax revenue to the locality, strain municipal services, facilitate crime, reduce neighborhood stability – and even negatively impact public health.

Fortunately, many localities across the country have developed and implemented effective strategies to transform these community liabilities into community assets. Join national expert Kim Graziani from the Center for Community Progress to explore recent innovations, best practices and success stories in addressing blight and vacancy.

Representatives from Richmond and Danville will also describe the goals and activities of their recently created land banks - a new tool in Virginia made possible through 2016 enabling legislation.

The session will include the opportunity to discuss unique local issues - and possible creative solutions - from communities around the state.

The session will be held at the Richmond Association of Realtors on May 22nd. It will run from 11am to 4pm.

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This blog post was written by the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust, a Housing Virginia partner.

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