January 31, 2018

In Case You Missed It: A Look at Recent National Housing Policy News

Federal Housing Policy

Three Big Policy Trends for 2018

At the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Independent Lenders Conference, the consensus was that GSE reform, tax reform and regulatory reform will keep the industry busy in 2018. This panel discussion overview provides a summary of views on what to expect in each over the coming year with the overall conclusion being that the status quo is going to end.

Rental Housing

U.S. Regulators Ready to Ease Check on Property Values

U.S. bank regulators plan to relax commercial real estate lending rules by allowing more deals to go ahead without an independent appraisal of the property’s value. Under existing rules, commercial real estate worth more than $250,000 must have an independent third-party appraisal. That threshold would double to $500,000 under proposed reforms.


HUD to Consider Eliminating Manufactured Housing Regulations

HUD has announced that it is launching a “wholesale review” of its manufactured housing rules as part of a “broader effort to identify regulations that may be ineffective, overly burdensome, or excessively costly given the critical need for affordable housing.”  For the next 30 days, HUD will accept public comments to help the department identify regulations that may be “outmoded, ineffective or excessively burdensome” and should be “modified, streamlined, replaced or repealed.”

Housing Market Conditions

Amazon Pick for Second HQ Likely in Already Overheated Housing Market

CoreLogic monitors the health of the housing economy through historic home price changes and other market conditions including sustainability of prices in the market, referred to as the CoreLogic Market Condition Indicators (MCI).  In reviewing conditions in the 20 second round markets chosen by Amazon, CoreLogic concludes that  half, including Northern Virginia, are currently overvalued.

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