March 31, 2017

Planning for Virginia's Housing Needs

The goals we set today must look ahead to the future of housing. Virginia's housing needs are significant -- but with careful planning, we can accomplish great things through the public-private partnerships we have. With that in mind, VHDA is fine-tuning our strategic goals for 2020, with input from our housing partners. Our strategic goals currently address three important areas:

Addressing State Housing Needs by partnering with the Housing Delivery Network (organizations that share VHDA's housing mission).

Addressing Unmet Rental Needs - of low-income and critical needs populations; focusing on economically integrated communities.

Creating Opportunities for Homeownership - for first-time homebuyers; focusing on underserved markets.

Besides planning, it also takes money to finance our affordable housing mission. That's why VHDA created REACH Virginia more than a decade ago. Each year, we contribute a substantial portion of our net revenues (currently 40 percent) into REACH Virginia to help meet the state's most critical housing needs. We recently published an update on our progress. Please check it out, then scroll down for our full report!

FY16 Update: VHDA Strategic Goals & REACH Virginia 

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