November 18, 2016

Updates from the Rental Housing Division's Compliance & Asset Management Department

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Renter Income

The Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2017 is 0.3%. Use the new rate when projecting the income of applicants and residents. This affects people who receive Social Security, SSI, VA pension, Civil Service pension and Railroad Retirement.

Utility Allowance

Revised and clarified procedures and forms for Utility Allowance Estimates for Housing Credits (also known as LIHTC, or Low-Income Housing Tax Credits) are on VHDA's website. Please begin using them immediately.

Violence Against Women Act of 2013 (VAWA)

VAWA applies to:
HUD public housing, HUD Section 8 properties and Rural Development properties. Follow their specific instructions and use their required forms if your property is HUD or RD.
Housing Credits properties. Pending any guidance published by IRS, LIHTC properties may implement forms on VHDA's website. Until IRS guidance is received, use of the forms is optional and non-use will not result in filing of Form 8823.

Tenant Screening

Using criminal records as a screening tool for housing decisions may be a violation of fair housing law, if it creates a disparate impact for individuals who fall within a federal protected class. 

Please review and update your Tenant Selection Plan to use convictions rather than arrests. You should also take into consideration the nature and severity of the crime, as well as the timeframe within which it occurred (i.e., how much time has passed since the crime). Consult a fair housing attorney for more specific direction.

Additional Sources of Training

Mid-Atlantic Affordable Housing Management Association (AHMA) Training
If you have questions, please contact your assigned VHDA Compliance Officer for assistance.

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