November 30, 2016

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

FHLBank Atlanta’s AHP Competitive Round to Open in Early 2017

(RECAP: Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta  recently announced that its 2017 Affordable Housing Program Competitive round will open on January 3, 2017. Up to $500,000 will be awarded per project to its member financial institutions and their community housing partners through a competitive application process. The deadline for submitting applications is February 2, 2017.)

Five Approaches to Reviving Aging Mall Sites

(RECAP: Aging shopping malls—many burdened with high vacancy rates or even abandoned—are being transformed into vibrant, mixed-use destinations that are connected to their surrounding communities. By transitioning mall sites to a mix of uses, developers can help create consumer demand within the vibrant, modern micro-economies that will become the non-malls of the future.)

Baby Boomers Rapidly Becoming The New Hipsters Fueling Unprecedented Apartment Demand

(RECAP: The National Multifamily Housing Council’s research shows that aging boomers will represent a larger share of growth in the apartment market as millennials begin to marry, have children and buy homes. From affordable senior rentals to luxury living, the demand for age-qualified apartment homes is higher than ever. And with 10,000 people a day turning 65 through 2030 that demand will continue to grow.)

Land Banks & Community Land Trusts: Not Synonyms or Antonyms. Complements

(RECAP: Land banks and community land trusts (CLTs) are often perceived as “off mission” or antithetical tools that are not suited for the same environments. Conversely, they also tend be conflated as one and the same. Neither perception, however, reflects reality. In this blog post, Center for Community Progress and Grounded Solutions Network come together to help set the record straight and explore how land banks and community land trusts can coordinate to optimize equitable development outcomes.)

Affordable Housing Advisory Council at FHLBank Atlanta Seeks Maryland and Virginia Nominations

(RECAP: The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta is soliciting nominations from North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia for individuals to serve on the Bank’s Affordable Housing Advisory Council. Nominations can be made by completing and returning the nomination form and application certification to FHLBank Atlanta by 5 p.m. Thursday, December 15, 2016.)

VHDA Managing Director of Rental Housing Art Bowen currently serves on the Bank’s Affordable Housing Advisory Council, which meets quarterly to advise the Bank’s board of directors on ways the Bank can better carry out its housing finance and community lending mission. 

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