July 15, 2016

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

The Place Game: How We Make the Community the Expert

(RECAP: The Place Game is a tool for evaluating any public space—a park, a square, a market, a street, even a street corner—and examining it through guided observation strategies. The best part about the Place Game? Anyone can use it.)

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Comment on a QAP

(RECAP: Qualified allocation plans (QAPs) often involve debate. Differences of opinion are not only OK but to be expected: HFAs need to hear from developers--but developers need to speak in the most effective way.)

Wanted: Downtown Grocery Stores

(RECAP: As Americans’ taste for downtown living grows, so does their appetite for downtown grocery stores. So, why is it still rare to see a grocery store downtown? Economic development consultant Kennedy Smith provides some answers.)

The Future of Senior Housing: Less Ritz-Carlton, More Southwest Airlines

(RECAP: Too rich for affordable seniors housing, too poor for market-rate seniors housing—the predicament is widespread, but the senior housing options for these older adults are not. Now, there’s an emerging consensus as to how middle-income seniors housing communities should be run: think less like a Ritz-Carlton, and more like Southwest Airlines.)

Fulfilling HUD’s Commitment to Creating Economic Opportunities

(RECAP: The Section 3 program has always been a key component of HUD’s efforts to increase economic opportunities in neighborhoods, but in the past few years they have put new energy behind the program and taken more aggressive steps to provide low-income individuals with the training and jobs they need to lead productive lives.)

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