July 7, 2016

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Meadow making takes root in Charlottesville

(RECAP: There’s a growing number of “meadow makers” bringing more environmentally friendly lawn management to Central Virginia. In addition to providing natural beauty, meadows only need to be mowed once a year. Other benefits of installing meadow landscapes include better storm water control, less erosion, greater biodiversity and fewer lawnmower-related emissions.)

Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) and Library of Virginia

(RECAP: HOME and the Library of Virginia partnered to present an enhanced exhibit including maps from the Library of Virginia’s own holdings alongside the maps created by HOME’s director of research, Brian Koziol to examine the connection between public policy and economic development in Richmond through a fair housing lens.)

Raising the Bar: Linking Landlord Incentives and Regulation through Rental Licensing

(RECAP: A short guide for local government officials to use rental licensing to raise the bar and ensure that landlords are responsible stewards of their properties.)

Planning for the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

(RECAP: According to a new report, AVs may exert as great an influence on the built environment as mass production of the automobile did in the early to middle 20th century. Parking minimums, street design, rights of way, development demand, signage and signalization, building siting and design, access management, and their accompanying norms and standards have the potential to change dramatically over the next 40-50 years.)

How to engage residents for community change

(RECAP: When community change is desired, resident engagement is not an option--it's a must. But in times of busy schedules, apathy and even hostility, how do you bring diverse points of view together? Read this for ideas.)

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