June 17, 2016

Minimum Design & Construction Requirements: VHDA Would Like Your Feedback

VHDA will begin our Annual Review of the Minimum Design and Construction Requirements (MDCR) shortly. Modifications to the 2016 requirements will affect:
All VHDA loans applied for in 2017
Properties receiving 2017 Low Income Housing Tax Credits
The MDCR Committee would like your feedback on the 2016 requirements. For those interested, please forward your comments and suggestions to Angela.Coates@vhda.com.

Comments must be received by July 11, and will be considered by the committee during the Annual Review process. Due to the expected volume of comments, a formal response cannot be guaranteed.

Please review the 2016 Minimum Design & Construction Requirements. We appreciate you taking the time to help with the 2017 VHDA Minimum Design and Construction Requirements review process.

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