May 2, 2016

Housing Choice Voucher Set-aside For People with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities

The Commonwealth of Virginia is committed to providing community-based housing choices for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These efforts include offering integrated, affordable, and in many cases, accessible housing options for these individuals. 

In support of this commitment, VHDA has set aside a portion of Housing Choice Vouchers for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. During FY2015, we set aside 32 Housing Choice Vouchers, and for FY2016, we've set aside 65 vouchers. We have been working with other Public Housing Authorities across the state to set aside vouchers in their areas, and we appreciate the support they have given us in this effort.

In partnership with several state agencies, VHDA is working to improve housing opportunities for clients leaving training centers, nursing homes or intermediate care facilities. Our 2015 Community Outreach Report has more details about this effort and other ways VHDA is working to help improve housing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Questions? Contact HCV Program Director Sharon Fairburn.

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