April 20, 2016

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

When Housing Becomes a Community

(RECAP: Micaela Connery, a 2009 UVA graduate, dreams of — and is working on a business plan for — an inclusive residential community for people with and without disabilities, which would employ trained disability services workers to support residents who need those services. The facility would also provide programming to help build community among all its residents.)

How the Federal Government Plans to Stop the 'Worst-Case' Housing Crisis

(RECAP: Most housing programs, including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, don’t generate housing for extremely-low-income or very-low-income households. HUD is developing criteria to try to make that happen with the National Housing Trust Fund. Funds geared toward creating new and permanently affordable housing.)

Inviting Them In: Using Story as a Planning Tool

(RECAP: The facts don’t speak for themselves. More often than not, we put the facts out there and then become frustrated when converts don't flock to our camp. In doing so, we’ve overlooked our most powerful communication tool: story. Storytelling is the universal human language. A primer on how story can be used in community planning.)

2016 Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference

(RECAP: September 28-30, approximately 1,000 urban change makers will gather in Baltimore for the national Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference. The conference will explore strategies to strengthen neighborhoods being left behind in the housing recovery and serve residents who continue to face the impacts of vacancy, abandonment and disinvestment. Sessions will highlight work from around the country.)


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