April 18, 2016

Are You "MCC-Ready?"

Our MCC program is picking up steam as we roll out a marketing campaign to raise awareness among consumers.

So far, 44 lenders are approved to participate in VHDA's MCC program. We've been providing training to make sure they are "MCC-ready" and prepared to answer questions from homebuyers.

We've also held webinars for members of the VHDA Real Estate Agent Connection to help them understand how an MCC could help make homeownership more affordable for clients.

Before attending a training session or webinar, lenders and real estate agents are encouraged to watch our four-minute animated video which illustrates how an MCC from VHDA could save their eligible clients thousands of dollars by reducing the amount of federal tax they owe.
Watch Video

More MCC Resources:
MCC Educational Tools - Download a flyer, get tips for sharing MCC info on your own social media pages (including some suggested text for a post) and more. Get Tools
MCC Web Page - Get details including participating lenders (or how to become one), how to apply for an MCC and contact info. Learn More
Questions? Send us an email. MCCInfo@VHDA.com

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