February 25, 2016

Housing Choice Voucher Set-aside

Today’s post originally appeared in VHDA’s Fall 2015 Community Outreach Report.

As a result of the 2012 Settlement Agreement between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Virginia, HUD and Fair Housing approved VHDA’s request to establish a tenant selection preference and set-aside of Housing Choice Vouchers for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and/or developmental disabilities (DD).

In the first year, FY 2015, VHDA set aside 32 vouchers. As of October 2015, 28 clients had moved into a community-based system of support that provides them with more integrated living; four clients are currently searching for the best housing to suit their needs. For FY 2016, VHDA has set aside 65 vouchers. We’re partnering with the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to accept referrals from their waiting list to house the clients in VHDA’s service area.

VHDA is just one agency working to improve housing for clients leaving training centers, nursing homes or intermediate care facilities or who meet the criteria for the DOJ Settlement Agreement. The goal is to have all public housing authorities (PHAs) in Virginia provide a set-aside for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in their voucher or public housing programs. To date, 11 PHAs have been approved by HUD. VHDA has also referred 85 clients to PHAs outside of VHDA’s area of operation.

For more information on the Housing Choice Voucher Program, please contact:  HCV Program Director Sharon Fairburn at 804-343-5920 or Sharon.Fairburn@vhda.com.

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