February 18, 2016

Building Support for Increased Opportunities and Capacity

Today’s post originally appeared in VHDA’s Fall 2015 Community Outreach Report.

Virginia’s Habitat for Humanity network provides homeownership opportunities for low-income households through a strong volunteer and sweat equity model. These opportunities range from single-family homes in a rural setting to multiple units in urban communities that support broader neighborhood revitalization goals. In addition, more Habitat affiliates are expanding their new construction orientation to include rehabilitating vacant homes for new buyers or helping low-income owners rehabilitate their existing homes.

VHDA partners with Virginia’s Habitat network through several programs and initiatives designed to strengthen local affordable homeownership possibilities. This includes pro-bono loan servicing, a loan program that helps sustain new home development and an annual Habitat build by VHDA volunteers.

Our Habitat affiliate capacity building initiative is a more recent development that is part of VHDA’s broader Capacity Building program. Currently, we’re working with five Habitat affiliates to help focus on opportunities related to strategic planning, staff training and technology enhancement. As part of this effort, affiliates were surveyed to determine their familiarity with VHDA programs and services, and to identify capacity building needs across the entire Habitat network in Virginia. Survey results will help develop training to further advance the use and impact of VHDA services to the Habitat network.

To learn more, contact Housing Education Director Kelly Gill-Gordon at 804-343-5534 or Kelly.Gill-Gordon@vhda.com.

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