February 17, 2016

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Overcoming NIMBYism: New Tools for Positive Community Engagement

(RECAP: Housing Virginia has launched a comprehensive training series that aims to assist affordable housing providers, local government, and advocates with their efforts in overcoming opposition to their projects and policies.)

Reinventing Your Community From the Inside Out – Part I

(RECAP: Growing from the inside out involves planting local economic seeds and nurturing them to be the new garden of opportunity. In regions where manufacturing or mining sectors of the economy have collapsed, this involves recognizing that even without those traditional jobs, there are still many unique and interesting things that could become part of the new identity.)

Prevention Programs Funded by the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

(RECAP: The Homelessness Prevention Study describes communities’ experiences with Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing prevention programs and draws lessons for future efforts to prevent homelessness. It also identifies gaps in knowledge needed to support future policy development.)

A Big Housing Problem Requires Clever, Collaborative Solutions 

(RECAP: AARP Foundation is collaborating with HUD to expand research efforts on maintaining safe, healthy and affordable housing for vulnerable older adults. By leveraging the resources and networks of both organizations, HUD and AARP Foundation intend to maximize their investments and increase the impact of their work.)

Opinions on Housing                                                                         

The views and opinions expressed in Opinions on Housing are solely those of the original authors, and do not necessarily represent those of VHDA, our stakeholders or any/all contributors to this blog.

The Millennial Wave: 3 Must-know Traits

(RECAP: The millennial generation has some distinctive characteristics that are shaping the community development field. Here are three you need to know and understand.)

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