November 12, 2015

Word is Spreading About MCCs!

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Interest in VHDA's Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program is growing! An MCC from VHDA can boost the tax benefits of qualified first-time homeowners, potentially saving thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. The credit can be used each year, for as long as the borrower lives in their home.

There are now 30 VHDA originating lenders participating in the MCC program, and this number increases weekly as more lenders hear about the benefits to first-time homebuyers. In fact, many of the lenders who have recently applied to participate have done so at the request of borrowers -- or their parents!

A parent recently called VHDA after seeing an article about MCCs in the paper. Their child, a first-time homebuyer, was under contract and had applied for a loan with a VHDA lender who had not yet enrolled in the MCC program. The lender soon realized they were at risk o
f losing the loan application to a lender who did offer MCCs, and they applied to participate.

Some lenders who want to apply have not yet, because they've been busy preparing for the new TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure requirements. With that challenge behind them, a new wave of lenders will soon be turning their attention toward getting enrolled in the MCC program.

So far, 122 MCCs have been committed, and a marketing effort is underway to increase awareness about MCCs. Meanwhile, VHDA is offering MCC training for interested lenders via webinars.

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