August 4, 2015

Providing Affordable Housing in Southwest Virginia

VHDA's Southwest Virginia Housing Center is located in what was originally the Wytheville post office. Over the years, it has also housed the Weather Bureau, the Draft Board and then a furniture store. Now, this historic landmark is home to VHDA's newest office, enabling us to work more efficiently with first-time homebuyers, multifamily developers, local governments and non-profit housing advocates in the area.

VHDA’s first Wytheville office opened in 1988, to make our home loans available in smaller towns and communities not served by traditional lenders. To make our loans even more available, we put our first Mobile Mortgage Office on the road in Southwest Virginia in 1996 and added a second Mobile Mortgage Office in 1999 to visit folks living on the Eastern Shore and in Southside Virginia. Our Mobile Mortgage Offices, based out of the Wytheville office, received a first place Innovations Award from the Council of State Governments.

Our Wytheville office staff would like to tell you about the work we’re doing in Southwest Virginia. You can also find out more about this location, including how to reserve free conference space, by visiting our website.
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