August 12, 2015

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Investment in housing and neighborhoods is investment in health

(RECAP: The Center for Housing Policy has released a review of recent research on the various ways in which the production, rehabilitation or other provision of affordable housing may affect health outcomes for children, adults and older adults.)

Balancing the Mission Checkbook: Clearing Fuzzy Thinking about Nonprofit Reserves

(RECAP: Many nonprofit managers think about reserves in terms of “how many months should we/do we have,” but nonprofit financial guru Kate Barr suggests there may be more specifics to consider.)

Board Releases Next Installment of the Online Guide to the ADA and ABA Standards

(RECAP: The next installment of the U.S. Access Board’s online guide to accessibility standards is now available. It explains and illustrates requirements in the standards, answers common questions and offers best practice recommendations. The guide also features a popular series of animations.) 

Need a nest egg to pay for your nest? Many retirees do

(RECAP: Older adults spend much more on housing than health care or anything else. The onset of health problems at older ages that limit mobility can make housing even less affordable. Policies to help low-income retirees cover their housing costs could substantially boost financial security at older ages.) 

Bikes Have the Attention of the Ford Motor Company

(RECAP: The age-old conflict between cars and bikes finally has the attention of one of the giants. Ford's Info Cycle project mounts sensors on street bikes to map out how multi-modal city travelers move around.)

This 1,400-Foot Desert Citadel Would Be A Self-Sustaining City Of Tomorrow

(RECAP: Two French firms have designed a skyscraper concept that can grow its own food, collect its own water and generate its own power.) 

Opinions on Housing                                                                   

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Op-Ed: Newer Model Density Falls Short of its Promise

(RECAP: The general principle is simple: more density equals lower prices and less environmental impact. But suburbia's imprint is deep, both on cities themselves and on how we expect to inhabit them.)

The ADA at 25: A Commitment to Our Neighbors

(RECAP: As we celebrate the ADA's 25th Anniversary, our country should use this milestone to renew its commitment to fully achieving the four main goals written into this landmark law: equal opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-sufficiency.)

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