July 2, 2015

VHDA Launches New Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

We recently introduced our Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program, which could save a first-time homebuyer thousands of dollars by reducing the amount of federal income tax they owe. To qualify, homebuyers must be first-time homebuyers, or not have owned a home during the previous three years – but this requirement may be waived if the home is in a Federal Targeted Area. The home must also be used as their principal residence, and VHDA’s maximum income and sales price limits apply.

We have created the following resources for you and your clients:

MCC Video – Our simple, animated video explains how an MCC from VHDA works. Feel free to share the link to this video on your website and social media channels. Watch the video.

MCC Flyer – You can download and print this educational flyer to share with your clients. It includes details about the MCC program such as sales price and income limits and how to find a VHDA-approved lender. Get the flyer.

MCC Webpage – You and your clients can get the latest updates on the MCC program as well as direct links to important details such as VHDA’s sales price and income loan limits. Visit the webpage.

VHDA determines whether homebuyers qualify for MCCs under the Internal Revenue Code, but homebuyers must determine for themselves whether an MCC will save them money and how valuable an MCC will be for them over the life of their loan. VHDA cannot and does not give any tax advice to anyone.
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