May 26, 2015

First-time Homebuyer Update: Why Aren't More Millennials Buying?

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With mortgage rates at historic lows, and home prices still below pre-recession highs, monthly mortgage payments are now affordable and, in many cases, less than the cost of renting. So, why is it that millennials -- the largest group of potential first-time homebuyers -- are struggling to establish independent households?

For starters, wages for young households remain low, which limits the amount of mortgage liability they can assume. Also, buying a home requires significant upfront savings for a down payment and closing costs. Low wages, high rents and heavy student debt prevent many millennials from accumulating these funds. Also, a substantial number of young minority households are first-generation homebuyers, and their families may lack the home equity or other financial resources to help with upfront expenses.

For millennials hoping to buy their first home, VHDA's new first-time homebuyer programs are launching at a good time. Our Mortgage Credit Certificate and 3% Down Payment Assistance Grant programs could help make the cost of homeownership a little more affordable for these younger homebuyers.
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