April 14, 2015

Save the Dates: Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Courses

We’re pleased to announce that the National Development Council (NDC) is coming to Richmond to offer their Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program. This four-course training program, sponsored by VHDA in partnership with BB&T and the Virginia Housing Coalition, explores everything it takes to successfully develop and finance affordable homeownership and rental housing developments. Topics include:

You’ll learn skills taught using case studies based on actual affordable housing developments that NDC’s professional staff have structured and implemented by working with clients in communities across the country.

The two 2015 courses — HD 410: Home Ownership Finance and HD 420: Rental Housing Development Finance — are scheduled for September 21-24 and October 26-30, respectively, and will be held at the Virginia Housing Center in Glen Allen. The other two courses in the series will be held in early 2016. Participants who complete all four courses will receive the HDFP certification.

It’s not too early to save the dates and register for this exciting educational opportunity.
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  1. It's an interesting industry to be getting into I think. But generally skills rooted in finances and financing are pretty high in demand these days! The people who sign up for the course will definitely benefit!