April 29, 2015

Plan for the 2015 Plan-Off at VCU!

On May 6, Virginia Commonwealth University’s L. Douglas Wilder School hosts its 4th Annual Plan Off!, the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Student Tournament. The tournament will be held from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the University Student Commons located at 907 Floyd Avenue.

In this event—co-sponsored by the Wilder School and VHDA—graduate students in the school’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program will compete against one another by pitching their solution to a real-world planning, public policy or management problem before a panel of judges.

Pitches represent a condensed version of a semester-long project developed by each student for an actual client. Students will present plans addressing a variety of current community challenges and opportunities, including affordable housing, historic preservation, social equity, urban bike and city trails, water reclamation and tactical urbanism.

“The Plan-Off was really born out of a larger VCU approach to planning. That approach has always been to guide, not lecture students and to get them involved in real-world projects that will help them develop into consultants who can put theory into practice,” said Planning Instructor Jim Smither, who leads “URSP 762: Professional Planning,” the capstone course upon which tournament pitches are based.

For more information, see the Plan Off! 2015 event page or contact John Accordino at jaccordino@vcu.edu or (804) 827-0525.
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