April 8, 2015

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Housing affordability improves slightly, but challenges remain for working renters and people of color

(RECAP: In Housing Landscape 2015, the National Housing Conference’s Center for Housing Policy examines trends in housing affordability for low- to moderate-income working families throughout the United States.)

A new Urban.org to elevate the debate

(RECAP: In the coming weeks, the Urban Institute will be launching a new website—one that has been completely redesigned to highlight the depth and breadth of its policy research. The site is also designed to cater to all the ways information is accessed in today’s digital and mobile world.)

The Secrets of Successful Communities – Part 7: Have Strong Leaders and Committed Citizens

(RECAP: A small number of committed people can make a big difference in a community. More often than not, they’re simply citizens who care a great deal about their community.)

Impact Investing

(RECAP: New sources of mission-driven private capital could step up to support community development where traditional sources of financing are withdrawing.)

Using ‘Green’ as a Community Revitalization Tool

(RECAP: Former industrial communities often suffer from the cumulative effects of multiple vacant and underused properties. These properties offer a strategic opportunity for stimulating revitalization, integrating community resilience, and restoring the ecosystem using green infrastructure.)

Opinions on Housing 

The views and opinions expressed in Opinions on Housing are solely those of the original authors, and do not necessarily represent those of VHDA, our stakeholders or any/all contributors to this blog.

Could placemaking become the new golf?

(RECAP: The US has more golf courses than the market can support. Can this surplus land be repurposed in a way that helps give our suburbs a stronger sense of place, contributes non-sprawling infill development and, at the same time, better-ordered public green space and ecological services?)

Fair Housing ‘Oops’

(RECAP: Liability attaches whether the fair housing issue is deliberate (call that “evil” discrimination) or unintentional (call that “oops” discrimination). Let’s look at some of those that seem to be the underlying bases for recent cases or which could likely lead to a complaint.)

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