February 5, 2015

REACH Capacity Building Grant – Strengthening the Housing Delivery Network

Today’s post originally appeared in VHDA’s Fall 2014 Community Outreach Report.

The funding and policy landscape for affordable housing is constantly evolving. Housing non-profits across Virginia must constantly adjust to new changes, and find resources to support their programs, policies and operations.

To support and strengthen the current network, VHDA created the Capacity Building grant program. Funded through our REACH Virginia initiative, the grant provides up to $60,000 in funding for capacity building projects that:

  • Increase an organization’s ability to create, preserve and/or manage affordable housing units.
  • Expand or bring new housing-related services to an underserved area.
  • Improve an organization’s ability to implement community revitalization projects.
  • Establish or strengthen a regional collaboration.
  • Align with specific state policies (such as ending veteran homelessness).

Grants are available to agencies with a demonstrated vision and strategic plan to extend their mission and/or geographic coverage in a way that results in significant enhancement of their capacity. These funds aren’t a subsidy for ongoing operations. Instead, they’re used to enable our strategic partners to better ensure the long-term viability of their affordable housing efforts.

We are currently working with 32 organizations across the state on various capacity building initiatives.

To learn more, contact Community Housing Team Lead Monica Jefferson at 804-343-5736 or send an email to ReachGrants@vhda.com.
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