February 3, 2015

Housing Virginia Uses Housing StoryWorks to Demonstrate the Difference Affordable Housing Makes

Quality affordable housing is a basic need if individuals, families and communities are to flourish. As we’re all aware, in many communities a complex set of historical, cultural and economic issues surrounds the development of housing that is affordable. One result is that negative perceptions cloud the value of affordable housing. Housing StoryWorks, a part of Housing Virginia’s Whole Communities Project, is using short video clips to share real stories that show how affordable housing makes a difference for everyone.

The hope is that the voices of these consumers, housing providers (including VHDA’s Community Outreach Managing Director Mike Hawkins), political and business leaders, and neighbors can balance the effect of NIMBY and help shape new conversations around affordable housing in Virginia.

VHDA salutes Housing Virginia for this important affordable housing effort, and hopes you’ll check out one clip or all 33 clips here!
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