January 8, 2015

VHDA Training Opportunities For Stakeholders and Potential Partners

Today’s post originally appeared in VHDA’s Fall 2014 Community Outreach Report.

Homebuyer Education Train-the-Trainer. VHDA’s Housing Education department provides those who are interested in teaching our First-time Homebuyer class with a ”Train-the-Trainer” course. This half-day training covers the curriculum for our First-time Homebuyer class, and explains the specific responsibilities of a facilitator. The course is held monthly in various locations across the state. To sign up, visit vhda.com/trainthetrainer.

Housing Counseling Program. Our Housing Education department also offers training and technical assistance throughout the year to non-profit agencies participating with VHDA through various housing counseling grants. Training opportunities are available to all housing counseling entities in Virginia. To learn more, email vhdagrant@vhda.com.

Marketing 101. VHDA’s Marketing department offers an introductory presentation covering How to Reach Your Audience, Websites, Social Media, Event Management and Creative Strategy Development. The Marketing department also provides consulting to partners, ranging from a quick marketing review and emailed recommendations to a site visit and development and implementation of specific strategies. For more information, contact Marketing Director Robert Halloran at Robert.Halloran@vhda.com.

Revitalization Training. VHDA’s REACH Virginia department provides “Revitalizing Neighborhoods through Housing and Economic Development” training. This two-day, interactive session focuses on the importance of housing opportunities for neighborhood revitalization. Training is typically conducted in partnership with the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-VA) and the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). To learn more, contact REACH Team Director Elizabeth Seward at Elizabeth.Seward@vhda.com.

Challenges of Community Design. Our REACH Virginia department also offers a two-hour workshop focusing on the challenges of community design. Participants engage in a series of quick group exercises during which they identify their individual design preferences from a series of pictures, develop a group consensus concerning the design of key community assets with a focus on housing, and place the assets on a community visioning map. Each group then presents their community vision to the other groups for discussion. For more information, contact REACH Team Director Elizabeth Seward at Elizabeth.Seward@vhda.com.
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