January 9, 2015

VHDA Receives VCEE Community Partnership Award

VHDA is proud to announce that we recently were awarded the Virginia Council on Economic Education’s Partnership Award for our longtime dedication to economic education in schools across the state and our service to VCEE.

For more than 45 years, VCEE has been a driving force behind getting economics and personal finance into Virginia’s K-12 classrooms. Annually, VCEE’s affiliated centers for economic education provide more than 200 workshops reaching more than 2,500 K-12 teachers, providing them with resources and materials they can use to help students become competent decision makers, productive employees, innovative entrepreneurs, thoughtful investors, and financially responsible individuals.

“Under the leadership of Executive Director Susan Dewey, VHDA has done much to promote economic and financial literacy,” said Bruce Whitehurst, VCEE Board Chairman and Virginia Bankers Association President & CEO. “In fact, through VHDA’s efforts we initiated a program for grades K-3 that allows teachers to use a story and coloring book that teaches economic concepts meeting Virginia’s Social Science Standards of Learning. Through VHDA’s generosity, a classroom set of the books is available to teachers across the state at no charge.”

“In addition, VHDA has also been a longtime supporter of VCEE’s Economic Educator Awards, which are presented annually to teachers who use creative approaches in the classroom to help students become more economically and financially literate,” said VCEE Executive Director Daniel Mortensen.

Beyond our efforts with VCEE and K-12 education, VHDA has been a leader in providing free homeownership education classes for prospective homebuyers for nearly 20 years. Today, all VHDA homebuyers are required to complete a free homeownership education course, online or in person. Classes are conducted in English, Spanish and Korean. More information can be found on VHDA’s website.
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