January 22, 2015

REACH Virginia Funding Resources

Today’s post originally appeared in VHDA’s Fall 2014 Community Outreach Report.

REACH Virginia (Resources Enabling Affordable Community Housing in Virginia) is VHDA’s initiative to serve the housing needs of Virginia’s diverse communities through a variety of programs. Click through the jump to learn more!

Capacity Building Grant helps expand the capacity of organizations that serve the housing needs of low-income households.

Predevelopment Loan/Grant provides below-market financing for typical predevelopment expenses.

Mixed-use / Mixed-income Planning Grant supports the planning process of local governments and redevelopment and housing authorities with an identified area for revitalization and mixed-use/mixed-income development as a major revitalization component.

The Harvest Project provides planning grants and technical assistance to faith-based organizations that have developable land, to help them create affordable housing opportunities.

Rental Unit Accessibility Modification Grant serves lower-income renters with disabilities by funding modifications to create a more accessible rental unit.

Community Homeownership Revitalization Program (CHRP) provides funding for affordable first mortgages that support a local jurisdiction’s efforts to overcome challenges facing communities due to the foreclosure crisis.

For details, contact REACH Director Elizabeth Seward at 804-343-5615 or Elizabeth.Seward@vhda.com.
VHDA REACH Housing Counseling Grant provides direct housing counseling and education, as well as flexible funding for capacity in the areas of marketing, outreach, referrals / information, staff training, partnerships / collaborations, quality assurance / program oversight and technology upgrades.

VIDA Plus offers low-income families with children the opportunity to establish a special savings account to buy a home. In partnership with Virginia Departmentof Housing and Community Development and the Department of Social Services.

Other Funding Resources

HUD Housing Counseling Assistance Program supplies funds for providing counseling and advice to renters and homeowners about property maintenance, financial management/literacy and handling the responsibilities of renting or homeownership. VHDA was awarded $834,333, which will be allocated to 32 agencies.

NeighborWorks National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program distributes funds to competitively selected grantee organizations that provide counseling services to families at risk of foreclosure. VHDA was awarded $181,165, which will be allocated to 11 agencies.

For details, contact Housing Education Director Kelly Gill-Gordon at 804-343-5534 or Kelly.Gill-Gordon@vhda.com.
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