December 31, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Q: Does affordable housing development lower nearby property values?

(RECAP: This perennial fear of neighbors has been the subject of repeated academic study by a wide range of research teams under a wide range of conditions, and the consensus is overwhelmingly that well-designed, well-maintained affordable housing does not lower property values—and in some cases it might raise them!)

NY Times: Senior Housing Not Cutting it on Meeting Residents’ Needs

(RECAP: Aging adults living in senior housing are more likely to have unmet needs than those living in their own apartments, homes or condos, research shows. And the numbers are “unsettling,” writes Paula Span in a recent New York Times column.)

Part 3: Typical Elements of a Form-Based Code

(RECAP: Form-based codes, when prepared by experienced, well-trained professionals, should be clearer and easier to use than conventional zoning codes. This makes them attractive to a variety of constituencies: landowners, developers, neighbors, planning and zoning administrators, public officials and the general public.)

5 Ways America’s Newest Landlords Can Win the Public’s Trust

(RECAP: In order to build strong national brands, single-family rental firms should provide renters a reasonable level of service and protection regardless of what state law demands and should aim to build trusting relationships with neighbors and local governments by investing in local communities.)

Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

(RECAP: ADRCs offer information and resources for older Americans and people with disabilities who are looking for long-term services to remain independent and in their homes and communities instead of moving to a nursing home or other institution.)

Opinions on Housing

The views and opinions expressed in Opinions on Housing are solely those of the original authors, and do not necessarily represent those of VHDA, our stakeholders or any/all contributors to this blog.

Growing a Stronger Nonprofit Housing Sector

(RECAP: High-capacity nonprofit housing enterprises that can achieve efficiencies of scale have an important role to play in addressing the affordable housing crisis and policy makers should help them do so.)

Place Mobility: Sometimes good transportation is slow

(RECAP: Place Mobility may at first glance appear to be an oxymoron. Yet it is real and powerful and can be defined as the ability of a dynamic, mixed-use, urban place to enable people to get to where they need to go efficiently in a variety of ways.)

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