September 17, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

It's Tough Out There for Renters, But Most Americans Still Want More Options to Buy a Home

(RECAP: Even after a Great Recession triggered by mortgage hanky-panky, and despite a herky-jerky housing market ever since, Americans are holding fast to the vision of investing in a home.)

Slowing Down Streets With Art Under Your Feet

(RECAP: Changing how pedestrians and cars interact doesn't always need new lights and street design. These communities have done it a more simple way.)

Where Are the Baby Boomers Going to Live Out Their Golden Years?

(RECAP: Increasingly, the housing stock built by and for Baby Boomers doesn't meet anyone's needs — neither a younger generation looking for starter homes that don't exist, nor an older generation confronted by accessibility challenges.)

Why Trails Are America’s New Town Squares

(RECAP: Many suburbs now boast trails that don’t simply loop around a pond, but carry people to schools, libraries, farmers markets, restaurants or shopping districts. Trails are becoming the new town square where people bump into their neighbors, sparking conversations and friendships.)’s-new-town-squares

Tips for Getting Your “Innovative” Project Funded

(RECAP: Funding innovative or non-conventional projects provides an opportunity to explore new methods and means of solving critical housing issues. Even those projects that fail to fully achieve proposed outcomes provide opportunities to enhance housing policy.) 

A Beehive For Humans, Designed So We Can Live On Mars

(RECAP: Here's one vision for the two-bedroom apartment of the future: A modular, hexagonal building with two baths, basic appliances and walls that happen to be able to withstand -80 degree temperatures, constant space radiation and frequent dust storms.)

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