August 5, 2014

10 things communities can do to create affordable housing

If you’re reading this, you may already understand the importance of affordable housing. What you may not know is how to create it. The Virginia Housing Coalition’s publication, Home Matters for Virginia, contains a wealth of information every community can use. Take a moment to review their 10 Things Communities Can Do To Create Affordable Housing and let us know if you agree or have additional suggestions.

  1. Create a Housing Trust Fund.
  2. Make sure the Comprehensive Plan includes an adequate supply of affordable housing.
  3. Use publicly-owned land for affordable housing.
  4. Make sure that your community is “Age Wave Ready”.
  5. Go green.
  6. Fight blighted and vacant properties in your community.
  7. Build housing near jobs. 
  8. Invest in Homeownership Counseling and Homebuyer Readiness.
  9. Take on the challenge of ending homelessness in your town.
  10. Understand the connection between housing and your schools.

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