July 16, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

A learning series from the Financial Capability Demonstration Project

(RECAP: NeighborWorks America's new series of project briefs examine financial coaching as an approach to effectively integrate and support financial capability services in your organization.)


Affordable, Mid-Term, Housing for All

(RECAP: Affordable housing and neighborhood development should be compatible goals. Creating mid-term affordable housing for low-income families for a discrete amount of time will extend the benefit of affordable housing to more families.)

The Next Big Thing In Urban Planning? Backyard Cottages

(RECAP: Backyard cottages can at least augment, though certainly not replace, the conventional infill strategy of big apartment buildings. Zoning laws that once prevented this type of development are quickly changing to encourage it.)

What to Do When Environmental and Housing Needs Collide

(RECAP: Some developments really can have negative environmental impacts, particularly where existing infrastructure will not adequately support it. However, environmental issues are also used sometimes to disguise other reasons for opposition to affordable housing.)

11 Projects That Prove Affordable Housing and Good Design Go Together

(RECAP: The best social housing being designed and built today features a combination of creative social programming, cutting-edge sustainability strategies and a keen aesthetic awareness to rival anything available on the private market.)

Dispersing Millennials 

(RECAP: There is no question that the millennial population has risen in urban cores in recent years. Yet the growth in the younger population in urban cores masks far larger increases in the same population group in other parts of major metropolitan areas and in the nation in general.)

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