June 4, 2014

Beyond Bricks And Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

The Future of America's Public Housing Stock: Demolition by Neglect

(RECAP: It's no one's job is to look at the big picture—where affordable housing units are located in relation to each other, when repairs are needed system wide—so housing stock is only repaired when money becomes available. A working group has just started meeting to consider a more holistic approach to keeping an eye on low-cost housing preservation.)

Rent or Buy? The Math Is Changing

(RECAP: Across much of California and the Northeast, prices are now high enough that the costs of owning a home – property taxes, repairs, fees to real-estate agents and mortgage interest – may outweigh the financial benefits, including the tax break.)

Skyscrapers in the Subdivision

(RECAP: The preference of Millennials and boomers for urban living, combined with city-center gentrification, will stimulate demand for urbanized suburbs. We’re used to hearing that suburbs are the problem. Could they also be the solution?)

Architects live in senior spaces to help elderly

(RECAP: When trying to get architects, and others interested in senior housing, to be savvy and come up with making a better fit between man and habitat, the key is to get designers to fully understand what residents need and require.)

Affordable housing in safe neighborhoods: Four lessons for success

(RECAP: Last year, HUD issued new rules advancing its mandate to “affirmatively further fair housing.” These rules require cities and counties that receive HUD dollars to expand affordable housing in neighborhoods that now exclude low-income families and families of color. A new book offers four lessons about why that goal makes sense and how to achieve it.)

Nominations Open Now for Distinguished Executive Leadership Award

(RECAP: Sponsored by Aramark in partnership with the Alliance for Children and Families, the award honors one outstanding executive director for leadership and an active voice on behalf of community centers. This year, eight Virginia agency executives are eligible to be nominated for the award, which includes a $40,000 grant to the winner's community center. Nomination deadline is June 25.)

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