May 1, 2014

Where Does Housing Mobility Fit Into Housing Choice Voucher Policy?

Our attention today is on this thought-provoking Rooflines blog post from Philip Tegeler, executive director of the Poverty & Race Research Action Council ( Tegeler discusses how housing mobility strategies and housing choice vouchers are at odds with each other due to lack of progress in administration, despite an apparent common agreement that these strategies could be working together.

“Almost everyone agrees at this point that there is a place for both strategies in a balanced, “both/and” low-income housing policy. There is some disagreement about how much “balance” the various players in the system would like to see, and also some disagreement about how much choice the families who are the consumers of federal housing assistance really want. But the basic idea of a balanced policy is a common source of agreement. But the little secret underlying this ongoing dialogue is that there is almost no “housing mobility” policy being pursued at the federal level.”

Tegeler continues by referencing the challenges that face housing mobility as it relates to housing choice vouchers, and offers his thoughts about how HUD can work to improve these circumstances. Read the entire blog post at the National Housing Institute’s Rooflines blog.

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