May 28, 2014

Beyond Bricks And Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

A Mixed-income Neighborhood Makes Good 

(RECAP: As federal subsidies for affordable housing have declined, cities and developers across the nation are being forced to find innovative financing methods to create mixed-income neighborhoods. Old Town Commons (Alexandria, Va.) is one of the latest success stories.)

Roundabouts: A tool for placemaking

(RECAP: Designed properly, roundabouts enhance placemaking and the pedestrian experience. They are a gift to landscape architects as well as local gardening clubs, artists, sculptors and historians for celebrating local flora, fauna, geology, history, identity, culture, and values.) 

Ten Things You Should Know About Project Opponents

(RECAP: In the old days, most people thought you could not fight progress or City Hall. All that has changed. Here is some of what we think planning commissioners should know about project opponents.)

Inside Gentrification: The Emotional, Physical, and Financial Implications

(RECAP: A condensed conversation between practitioners and thinkers about gentrification sparked from a blog post about neighborhood revitalization on Rooflines.)

U.S. Access Board Issues Guidelines for Emergency Transportable Housing

(RECAP: New guidelines address access to temporary housing provided by the government during and after emergencies and natural disasters, including transportable housing, such as trailers. The new requirements address access for people who use mobility aids and communication access for people with hearing loss.)

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