April 9, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Infographic: The Why & How of Community Land Trusts

(RECAP: If you want help wrapping your brain around CLT funding, ownership and governance, you’re in luck. Community-Wealth.org just put out this infographic to break down the basics.)

A New Urban Revitalization Model for New Times 

(RECAP: How is it that so many of the recent theories or models on effective urban revitalization absolutely fail to connect with minorities, especially African-Americans? In reality, they need to re-evaluate their mission, goals and message.)

You Know Bicycling Is Good for Your City. Now Prove It to the Skeptics.

(RECAP: Jack Wells, chief economist at U.S. DOT and an architect of the innovative TIGER grant program, has concrete advice for people applying for grants for bike projects. Projects that can quantify their benefits in dollars and cents have a sizable advantage — especially if those benefits accrue not just to the cycling community, but to everyone.)

Keeping Cities from Becoming “Child-Free Zones”

(RECAP: The need for more and better places to play is slowly becoming part of the national conversation about urban revival. With kids on the decline in urban areas, cities can make themselves more attractive to young families by building more playgrounds.)

Add a Piano to Make Your City Square Sing

(RECAP: In 2009, Denver started adding public pianos along its busy mile-long downtown pedestrian mall. The pianos have become a popular and noticeable part of that city's public realm.)

Impact Investing

(RECAP: New sources of mission-driven private capital could step up to support community development where traditional sources of financing are withdrawing.)

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