March 19, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

The Amazing Things You Can Learn From a Virtual City

(RECAP: The Research Laboratory for Immersive Virtual Environments is a potentially fantastic toolkit for asking questions about what does or doesn't work in urban planning before it happens, rather than after.)

Gentrification's Not So Black and White After All

(RECAP: Despite complaints about well-educated white people buying up houses in low-income minority neighborhoods, recent studies show that gentrification often helps the original residents.)

Urban Planning 101

(RECAP: Increasing mobility and affordability are the two main objectives of urban planning. These two objectives are directly related to the overall goal of maximizing the size of a city’s labor market, and therefore, its economic prosperity.)

New ‘Handicapped’ Symbol Featured At Museum Of Modern Art

(RECAP: An updated version of the familiar blue and white icon that’s long symbolized accessibility is now taking its place in the art world. The revamped design, known as the Accessible Icon, represents a “ground up” effort to use a visual work to spark discussion about what disability means in society.)

Hold Harmless Rules Are Not So Harmless

(RECAP: The IRS hold harmless policy has prevented rent and income limits from declining and thus protected LIHTC properties’ ability to operate. But as properties age and operating costs climb, flat rents can cause serious financial strain to LIHTC properties by limiting the pool of potential residents a property can serve and the revenue it can collect.)

6 Stunning Open Source House Designs from Paperhouses

(RECAP: An open source platform that offers free downloadable blueprints, Paperhouses brings together a collective of top-tier architects from around the world who are giving away the designs to some of their most stunning projects.)

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