March 12, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

A Boost to Vouchers Would Be a Boost for Kids

(RECAP: The Housing Choice Voucher program falls short in two important ways. In congressional testimony last month, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities President Robert Greenstein recommended ways to increase the voucher program’s effectiveness and efficiency to boost poor children’s prospects.)

The Impossible Takes a Little Longer

(RECAP: Housing development is a risky business, even without having to cope with the demands and challenges that are a nonprofit houser’s daily fare. We shouldn’t be impatient waiting for them to add all the bells and whistles to underfunded projects their backers, critics and colleagues demand. After all, the impossible takes a little longer.)

Should Home Builders Pay the Energy Bills?

(RECAP: Strict energy standards in effect since 1978 haven’t corrected California’s HVAC industry. Rick Chitwood proposes seven transformative measures, including a requirement that new home builders pay the energy bills for the first three years. Could this work in other states?)

Four College Campuses That Can Teach Cities How To Do Transit Better

(RECAP: Where city initiatives might get mired in local politics and die slow deaths, many campuses have been forced to innovate rapidly to accommodate growing student populations. Often that means they're putting progressive transportation systems in place long before cities get around to doing the same.)

The Future of Universal Design

(RECAP: Increased adoption of universal design can be achieved by expanding the emphasis on social participation, incorporating a health and wellness focus, recognizing the role of context, and conceptualizing universal design as a process rather than a set of rules.)

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