March 5, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Does Reducing Regulations Yield Expanded Housing Options?

(RECAP: What do granny flats, ADU's and micro-apartments have in common? In many places across America, they’re prohibited. Outdated and onerous regulations — particularly those in zoning ordinances — are affecting the availability of housing choice. What can communities do to expand their housing stock?)

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

(RECAP: Revitalization in impoverished neighborhoods can be very difficult because different "stakeholders" have different understandings of what's at stake.)

Housing Policies in America: What’s Helping, What’s Hurting

(RECAP: The 2014 Assets & Opportunities Score reports on 133 policy and outcome measures that tell the story of Americans’ financial security today and their opportunities to create a more prosperous and secure tomorrow.)

ULI Survey: Mixed-Use Communities a Growing Preference

(RECAP: The needs and wants of renters and homeowners aren’t so very different, as evidenced by the Urban Land Institute’s America in 2013 housing survey: both demographics are big fans of mixed-use communities.)

How Cold Does It Have to Be Before Cities Are Required to Shelter the Homeless? Depends on Where You Are

(RECAP: The National Coalition for the Homeless released this fascinating map illustrating the wide variation in policies across the country that mandate exactly how cold it has to be before cities are required to provide overnight shelter for every single homeless person—although plenty of cities have no such requirement.)

Four of the Best Apps for People with Disabilities

(RECAP: These mobile apps — including one that uses sophisticated text-to-speech technology — have been tailor-made for specific impairments and can be downloaded on typical smartphones and tablets.)

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