February 19, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

9 unusual recycled homes

(RECAP: Converting airplanes, water towers, even satellite stations into living spaces is no easy task, but it's done all the time around the country. By salvaging these otherwise unusable spaces, unique homes are created frequently for a lot less than buying new.)

Accessibility Requirements Spark Debate

(RECAP: A growing number of cities are mandating that new homes include accessibility features like levered door handles and wide doorways, but not everyone sees merit in the requirements.)

Why We Shouldn't Obsess Over the Falling Homeownership Rate

(RECAP: A housing recovery will be good for the economy. But that's not because more people will own homes; it's because we'll need to build more homes, regardless of whether the people living inside own them or not.)

Comprehensive plans – helping or hurting?

(RECAP: Effective comprehensive plans identify specific steps to be taken after the plan is adopted—methods of selecting capital improvements, new annexation policies and zoning-code overhauls—to implement the plan. Without thorough implementation, a comprehensive plan’s true potential has been wasted.)

National Council of Nonprofits Adopts 2014 Public Policy Agenda

(RECAP: Structured in six broad categories through which policymakers and others can be educated about the work and impact of nonprofits, the NCN agenda fits specific policy goals into a broader context that focuses on local, state and federal issues of concern to all nonprofit organizations.)

Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Awards

(RECAP: The 2014 awards will recognize innovative state and local policy initiatives that provide ongoing and sustainable support for affordable and workforce housing. The deadline for submission is March 17.)

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