January 15, 2014

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Corporate Entrepreneurs Are at the Heart of Downtown Revitalizations

(RECAP: These days, many cities are getting a lot of help from companies that see great potential in downtowns. In some cases, private-sector actors are reshaping central cities in ways local governments no longer have the ability to do themselves.)

Raise value, avert risk, focus on form

(RECAP: Form-based planning facilitates design that uses transitions to integrate a range of housing types into the neighborhood fabric. This enables the entitlement process to focus on the enduring structure of a neighborhood rather than, for example, whether or not there should be “apartments.”)

Nonprofit leaders can apply now for the Achieving Excellence program

(RECAP: NeighborWorks America is accepting applications from nonprofit executives for Achieving Excellence, an 18-month intensive program where leaders tackle individual business challenges that when met will position their organizations to thrive and better serve their communities. Applications are due by March 26, 2014.)

Federal Involvement in Real Estate: A Call for Action

(RECAP: Federal real estate programs haven’t kept pace with the evolving real estate market, nor do they pursue of a coherent set of policy goals. Proposed reforms could save the federal government an estimated $33 billion per year while updating outdated programs to achieve better outcomes for households, communities and taxpayers.)

Who Funds Capacity Building?

(RECAP: Resources can come in different forms, some of which may be financial, but not all. There are also valuable non-financial capacity building efforts that funders can undertake to assist nonprofits.)

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