December 26, 2013

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Three steps to downtown economic renaissance

(RECAP: Formerly ridiculed as “Deadwood City,” Redwood City, California, has seen a dramatic downtown comeback due to code reform, a strong investment in public spaces and a strategy of using entertainment as a catalyzing force.)

How Salt Lake City Solved Chronic Veteran Homelessness

(RECAP: Officials say that by the end of this month, they’ll have zero chronically homeless veterans. The fact that public officials have zeroed in on a sub-population of the homeless is part of the reason for Salt Lake City’s success.)

Why Eds and Meds Matter for Community Economic Development

(RECAP: Local universities and hospitals (eds and meds) can be important partners in making community wealth building and neighborhood economic transformation happen. For those looking for resources in a time of diminishing government funding, they remain critical players far too important to ignore.)

The Geography of Aging: Why Millennials Are Headed to the Suburbs

(RECAP: Here’s how the geography of aging works. People are most likely to move to the core cities in their early 20s, but by their 30s, they move increasingly to the suburbs, as well as outside the major metropolitan areas.)

What Planning Won’t Do

(RECAP: Our techniques for planning are quite different from our techniques for problem solving. These separate skills should not be confused. If we recognize our inabilities, we can make our true abilities all the more valuable.)

The Importance of Building Dementia-Friendly Communities

(RECAP: Enhancing quality of life for the ever-expanding population of adults with dementia can lower costs for the community as a whole. It also inspires people with dementia to remain a part of the life around them. And their contribution benefits us all.)

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