November 20, 2013

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Slideshow: How Governments Are Using Instagram

(RECAP: Governments increasingly are using Instagram’s photo-sharing service to connect with citizens, whether to push out important information, share the whereabouts of political leaders or just to post a pleasant picture.)

Commuting Places as Community Spaces

(RECAP: The idea of a station as destination and gateway is not new, as visits to older railway terminals reveal, but along the way we seem to have forgotten how special these spaces can be and what important community centerpieces they can become.)

How the U.S. Became a Unique "Nation of Homezoners”

(RECAP: Exceptionalism is a word often associated with the U.S., most often with foreign policy. Sonia Hirt of Virginia Tech argues that, since its inception, American zoning has also taken a unique form compared to European counterparts—detached single family zoning.)

Four Infographics About Resilient Urban Systems

(RECAP: With cities witnessing an increasing frequency of extreme weather events, it’s more crucial than ever that the systems that keep our cities functioning are resilient to the complex, uncertain and constantly changing risks that face them.)

ReThink Survey: Perceptions of Public Housing 2013

(RECAP: ReThink Why Housing Matters is a new initiative challenging the sometimes negative perceptions Americans have about public housing by sharing stories of public housing’s successful impact on individuals, families and your own community.)

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