September 25, 2013

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

The Figuration of Place & the Urban Room

(RECAP: When the ratio of the height of the buildings and the distance that separates them is within whole-number ratios, a powerful and lasting impression is created in our psyche that we term the urban room.)

Yes, Midcentury Buildings Can Be Saved

(RECAP: Does one green approach, density, supersede another green approach -- keeping what's already here?)

The 'cargotecture' movement: 8 amazing examples

(RECAP: The versatility of shipping containers has captured the imagination of architects worldwide who have used them for everything from high-rises to rustic cabins. In fact, there are enough cool container structures around to constitute a movement: Some call it "cargotecture.")

The Mystery Behind America's Decline in Driving

(RECAP: If the decline in driving isn't largely the result of the recession, then transportation planners might want to think twice before assuming driving miles will rebound if the economy picks up.)

Infographic: How 10 Historical Planners Have Shaped Today’s Cities

(RECAP: Throughout history, urban planners have presented different ideas on how to design successful cities, and their impact is still being felt today.)

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