August 14, 2013

Beyond Bricks and Sticks

A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Redesigning American Cities for Less Driving

(RECAP: How to redesign cities to make them less auto-dependent and match the cultural shift away from cars, particularly with Millennials.)

Scale, Schmale. What About Impact?

(RECAP: If you think what’s wrong with CDCs today is their failure to “go to scale,” you are looking in the fundamentally wrong direction, asking the wrong questions.)

What's Next for the Sharing Movement?

(RECAP: Millions of people are waking up to the potential of sharing. Cities are waking up to it too – the mayors of 15 major cities recently signed a Shareable Cities Resolution promising to advance the sharing economy in their cities.)

Eight Imaginative Projects Reusing Infrastructure in Cities

(RECAP: Finding more and better ways to repurpose telephone booths, billboard signs, construction scaffolding, bus shelters and even parking meters to better serve citizens in the 21st century.)

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