April 28, 2014

Engaging Residents in Preparing for Severe Weather

Spring is here, and we know that severe weather comes with it. There are mobile applications that can help Virginians prepare and provide alerts in the event of severe weather.

The American Red Cross has a free Tornado application for Apple and Android devices. It provides safety updates, preparedness quizzes and other storm-related information. The app alerts you to tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings in your area. In an emergency situation, you can access a list of nearby shelters. The content is available in English or Spanish.

Ready VA is a free smartphone app for Apple or Android devices. Created by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM), it helps you create your emergency plans and checklists, and lets you keep all of your information in a central location. It has weather and threat alerts, and it can provide GPS coordinates for evacuations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

You can also search your application store for your local television station. Many have free weather and news alert applications. How does your locality engage residents in preparing for severe weather?

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