June 19, 2013

Beyond Bricks & Sticks. A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

How Better Traffic Models Can Lead to More Mixed-Use Development 

(RECAP: The EPA worked with transportation researchers around the United States to develop a better traffic prediction model for mixed-used development. Virginia has adopted it.)

Addressing Housing Affordability Using Cooperatives 

(RECAP: What if we could create more forms of cooperative housing to make sure families have the opportunity to own a home and at the same time have a certain amount of mobility?) 

Old-Age Adaptation: Our Next Great Urban Challenge 

(RECAP: How do you get urban planners, transportation engineers and anyone running around a city in their prime to picture the places we live through the shaded eyes of an octogenarian?)

Finding Allies in the Sequester 

(RECAP: There are two good things to say about the sequester. First, it can be a call to action. Second, the shared predicament presents an opportunity for new alliances.)

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