June 5, 2013

Beyond Bricks & Sticks. A weekly digest of current trends in housing and community development. The discussion examines topics from infrastructure to community fabric.

Green Roofs Help Grow Urban Economies

(RECAP: State and municipal governments are fast adopting measures to foster incorporating green features on urban roofs in a bid to gain economic benefits from building spaces that would otherwise sit fallow.)

Campaign Promotes Doors the Disabled can Manage

(RECAP: Handicap parking spots and access ramps can be found at many local establishments, but what good are they when disabled people can't open the front doors there?)

Time to Change the Language of Sustainable Design

(RECAP: Sustainable development has evolved from its first cycle. It’s time to clearly define a new approach to designing and building for our changing future.)

Non-profit Advisory Boards and Other Bodies: Yes or No and Why or Why Not?

(RECAP: Don’t pick an answer before you figure out what you’re trying to accomplish or before you decide if what you want to do is best accomplished through a group of people.)

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