February 4, 2013

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Each week we will share insight from a VHDA Associate. Feel free to contact us by email at any time for more information. We also encourage you to respond to the blog through comments.

Department of Community Housing
Bruce DeSimone, AICP, Senior Community Housing Officer, bruce.desimone@vhda.com
Debbie Griner, Community Outreach Program Coordinator, debbie.griner@vhda.com
J. Michael Hawkins, PhD, AICP, Director of Community Housing, mike.hawkins@vhda.com
Chris Hilbert, Senior Community Housing Officer, chris.hilbert@vhda.com
Monica L. Jefferson, Community Housing Officer, monica.jefferson@vhda.com
Swetha Kumar, Community Outreach Program Coordinator, swetha.kumar@vhda.com
José Páiz, Community Housing Officer, jose.paiz@vhda.com
Michael J. Scheurer, Community Housing Officer, michael.scheurer@vhda.com
Keith W. Sherrill, Community Housing Officer, keith.sherrill@vhda.com
Mario Wells, Community Housing Intern, mario.wells@vhda.com

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